480ml Enviro Bowl (25 Per Pack)

480ml Enviro Bowl (25 Per Pack)


R 48.25 / 25
R 1.93 each


    Our Biodegradable 480ml enviro Bowl is made from a renewable resource - sugarcane , and degrades within 30-90 days in a home compost bin and in even less time in an industrial compost site.

    Bagasse products are heat-stable, grease-resistant, microwave safe, and sturdy enough for all of your food needs. Our bowl can be used for a multiple of food groups inclusive of cereal, soups, curry and rice, noodles, stir fries, salad and ice cream!

    • 100% biodegradable within 45 days
    • 100% food safe and non toxic
    • 100% disposable
    • 100% microwavable
    • 100% safe to use in the freezer
    • 100% suitable for hot & cold foods
    • 100% non wood fibre
    • 100% chlorine free Please call us for bulk pricing.

    Please note lids must be bought separately. 


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