Chard Compostable Cellulose Bag  (Pack of 100)

Chard Compostable Cellulose Bag (Pack of 100)


R 395.60 for 100 units
R 3.96 each

Pack(s) of 100


    Packaging is part of everyone's daily life - why not choose an eco-friendly compostable choice that not only is visually appealing but is also great for the environment!

    These clear cellulose bags are manufactured from a renewable resource, starch, and is the sustainable choice for both home and commercial use

    The benefits of using these bags are:

    • Oil and grease resistant
    • High heat seal strength
    • Re-usable - just rinse and dry
    • A side gusset to provide extra space
    • Freezer friendly

      These bags can be utilised for the following:

      • Vegetables
      • Fruit
      • Dried goods
      • Pastries and biscuits
      • Spices
      • Cereals
      • Stationary / magazines/ gift cards
      • Bath salts
      • and more!


        Bag Dimensions: 250 x 400mm

        This product comes in a pack of 100 or 2500



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