Clear PLA Flat Lid  - Fits 350ml PLA Cup (100 Per Pack)

Clear PLA Flat Lid - Fits 350ml PLA Cup (100 Per Pack)


R 56.35 for 100 units
R 0.56 each

Pack(s) of 100


    Our Clear PLA Flat Lid fit the 350ml PLA Cup. It is made from 100% renewable sources (in fact, they're made from the waste products of other industries), and degrades in a commercial composting facility.

    PLA is:
    • 100% suitable for food use.
    • Derived from corn which is a renewable resource
    • PLA products are compostable in industrial composting facilities
    • PLA is cost competitive with regular petroleum-based resins such as PET and most likely cost advantaged in the future given rising petroleum prices
    • Producing PLA uses 65% less energy than producing conventional plastics
    • Producing PLA creates 68% fewer greenhouse gases than producing conventional plastics
    • PLA contains no toxins. this product has no effects on the flavours of the food (fewer indeed, we believe, than the non-renewable alternatives available).


    Please note that PLA-based packaging (such as this product) are not intended for high temperatures and as such as not suitable for microwave or oven use.

    This comes in packs of 100 


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