Composatable Kraft Corrugated  Pizza Box [Large] (50 Per Pack)

Composatable Kraft Corrugated Pizza Box [Large] (50 Per Pack)


R 446.00 / 50
R 8.92 each


    The ultimate combination of eco-friendliness and function, this corrugated pizza box is the perfect way to show your customers that you're committed to helping the environment without breaking the bank. This box is specifically designed to leave a smaller footprint on the environment than any other box of its kind, allowing you to transport, serve, and store pizza all from one box.The boxes have locked corners for stability and durability and are oil and water resistant, freezer friendly, microwave safe and completely compostable in a home or commercial composting facility

    Size of box: 350 x 330mm
    This comes in packs of 50


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