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Mother's Day Gone Green

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Don’t Throw Away – Upcycle For Another Day!

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Composting 101: How and Why to do it

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We've gone crackers for a green Christmas this year!

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7 Different Uses for Paper Bags

Do you remember carrying your shopping in paper bags? Or taking your lunch to work in a paper bag? At one time, paper bags were the norm before plastic bags took over. But now, mostly due to environmental reasons, paper bags are making a steady comeback.

If you’re wondering what else paper bags can be used for (besides groceries and lunches), here are 7 different uses for paper bags.

1. Clean Windows

If you’re like most people, you probably use paper towels to clean your windows. But did you know that using a paper bag works much better? When used with white vinegar, cleaning your windows with a paper bag leaves behind a streak-free shine. When cleaning your windows, you can either tear up a paper bag into sheets or scrunch it up.

2. Collect Recycling

A paper bag is the perfect thing to collect all your recyclables in. Paper bags work great to carry newspapers, plastic bottles, and other things you’re taking to the recycling center. The best part is, you can leave the paper bag behind to be recycled, too!

3. Freshen Stale Bread

Has your bread already gone stale? If so, freshen it up by placing the loaf of bread or buns in a paper bag. Put a little bit of water on the paper bag and then pop it in the oven. The bag creates a steaming effect and will help moisten the stale bread.

4. Store Onions and Garlic

Wouldn’t you love to store your garlic and onions for months at a time? You can if you use a paper bag! To keep onions and garlic fresh for at least 3 months, punch holes in the paper bag. This will allow air to circulate. You’ll then want to fill the bag half full with either onions or garlic and fold over the top. Put the bags in a cool, dry place. Be sure to label your bag so you know what’s inside.

5. Make Compost

Paper bags are considered a brown compost material, which is a source of carbon. Simply shred the paper bag into small pieces before adding it to your compost pile. You can also use your paper bag to collect items for composting. Along with compost, paper bags can be used as mulch as well.

6. Pack Belongings

Brown paper bags come in handy when packing for a move. You can use crumpled up brown paper bags to pack items securely in a box. This will ensure the items won’t move around which reduces the chances of breaking. You can also shred the paper bag and use it for filler material.

7. Cool Your Cookies

The next time you pull a freshly baked batch of cookies out of the oven, cool them on a paper bag instead of a wire rack. A paper bag prevents the air from fully circulating around the cookie. This helps to remove moisture so that the cookie retains some crispiness. A paper bag also helps to absorb excess grease as the cookies cool.