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How to Braai like an Eco warrior this Heritage Day!

As South Africans, we love few things more than gathering around the braai with some good friends and great food – but we’re also passionate about preserving our amazing natural heritage. With that in mind, we’ve put together some ideas on hosting a Heritage Day celebration that's also kind to the environment.


Go local, organic, and offer some plant-based alternatives

Of course the central focus of a braai is always going to be the food – and here you have a great opportunity to support local and organic producers. Check out what’s available in your area, and try to purchase as much of the food as possible from smaller farmers and producers who practice ethical and sustainable agriculture.

 mielies on a braai 

And while it might be a little controversial to bring up on ‘Braai Day’ – you can also use the occasion to offer dedicated carnivores the chance to try some plant-based meat alternatives! If you have vegan or vegetarian friends, ask them to bring along some of their favorite dishes, so everyone can have a little sample. You might just open a few minds in the process!


Impress with some eco-friendly compostable eating utensils


Made from compostable cornstarch and 70% renewable resources, our four-in-one picnic packs are the perfect way to provide your guests with a sustainable alternative to plastic cutlery and utensils. Each pack contains four bowls, four plates, four cups and a 2-piece cutlery set. Not only are they tough, strong and affordable, but they're perfect for hot food straight off the braai, and can even be used in the microwave!  


Of course no braai is complete without some tasty beverages – and we’ve got you covered there too. Our stylish range of paper straws are 100% biodegradable, and we also offer hot and cold cups if you're catering for a crowd!   


Once your guests are ready to head home, our innovative bagasse takeaway containers make the perfect ‘doggy bags’. Biodegradable bagasse is produced from waste sugarcane pulp and is remarkably tough, making it suitable for reheating in the microwave or storing in the freezer.


Add a little solar ‘flair’

 solar cooker


And if you're up for a really green Heritage Day, there are now an impressive range of solar cookers, skottle braais, parabolic cookers and solar ovens now available on the South African market. The great thing about these guys? They double as perfect load shedding companions as well as offering a smoke-free braai experience.

 solar lighting 

Alternatively, simply add a little ambience as the evening winds down with some pretty solar garden lights.   


Keep it clean

Finally, once all your guests have made their way home and there’s nothing to do but clear away, have some eco-friendly braai grill cleaners on hand to tidy up without harsh chemicals.