That's just PLAin cool!

Our clear containers and lids are made from PLA, a plant based renewable resource and are certified for commercial composting. A more sustainable option to traditional plastic containers and bowls.

Why use our Eco friendly Deli Container Range?

Manufactured from corn - a renewable resource, PLA is cost competitive with regular petroleum-based resins such as PET and most likely cost advantaged in the future given rising petroleum prices. It lowers our carbon footprint by up to 80% as it uses 65% less energy than producing conventional plastics and creates 68% fewer greenhouse gases than producing conventional plastics.

Our range of PLA lids have all been tested to ensure a secure fit on all our Clear cups .Please note that PLA-based packaging (such as this product) are not intended for high temperatures and as such as not suitable for microwave or oven use. Please call us for bulk pricing.

Made from plants

Commercially Compostable

Certified Products

Oil Free

Cold Content Friendly

Lower Carbon Footprint

Custom Branding

Non-Toxic Inks