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EnviroMall recognises the pressures on the natural environment that modern human life places on the planet. We’re not content with watching as our civilisation changes the face of the planet forever – we know that if we don’t change the way we live, and how we consume, we endanger our future. 

Accumulation of plastics in the environment is a looming catastrophe – plastic is very cheap to manufacture, and never biodegrades. That is, plastic photo-degrades into smaller pieces and then enters the marine food chain. Most worryingly, there is a flotilla of plastics in the Pacific Ocean that is larger than half the landmass of South Africa. 

Every year South Africans produce 15 million tonnes of urban waste – a shockingly high number. That waste goes on to scar our country in landfills, in lakes and across landscapes. Although it’s not easy to change that, it’s possible, it’s right, and it’s affordable. EnviroMall’s mission is to help South Africans care for South Africa, and we’re making it simple and cost-effective for businesses to switch to sustainable sources. 

Our eco packaging reduces environmental impacts in three ways: 

  • Made from renewable or recycled resources 
  •  Has a lower carbon footprint 
  •  Can be composted or recycled 

Our products are affordable and cost-comparable with traditional options, and we pride ourselves on customer service and delivering on our promises. It’s easy to go green with EnviroMall.

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