Upcycled Products

Upcycled Products

In both our professional and personal lives, we’ve all come to rely on the joy of having ‘new’ items. But like any product which needs to be manufactured from raw materials, transported from the factory to the fulfilment centre and finally shipped to the retail outlet we purchase it from, these NEW products place a burden on the environment. 

You can tackle this problem by choosing from our range of eco-friendly goods. Many of these items are remarketed and upcycled products which means you are giving them a second life!

Benefits of purchasing
These products are great for corporate gifting, home use or at the office. They are great quality, durable, help clean up the environment, can be re-used or recycled and helps to maintain a lower carbon footprint! 

We are continually adding to our range of upcycled and cleaning product range and we always ensure that all products are tested and always in great condition and quality!

Lower Carbon Footprint

Certified Products


Eco Friendly

PLA STRAW D10xL210mm ( PACK OF 200 )PLA STRAW D10xL210mm ( PACK OF 200 )


R 111.55 for 200 units
R 0.55 each

Pack(s) of 200


WHITE PAPER STRAW 8mm x 190mm, 1400 per caseWHITE PAPER STRAW 8mm x 190mm, 1400 per case


R 478.40 for 1400 units
R 0.33 each

Pack(s) of 1400


Solid 8mm x 190mm White Paper straws

Comes in a box of 1400

PLA STRAW D8xL210mm (PACK OF 200 )PLA STRAW D8xL210mm (PACK OF 200 )


R 94.30 for 200 units
R 0.47 each

Pack(s) of 200