250ml Palm Leaf Box with Lid (pack of 3)

250ml Palm Leaf Box with Lid (pack of 3)


R 83.95 for 3 units
R 27.98 each

Pack(s) of 3


    Compostability – Made from natural waste materials and are home compostable. Are also reusable with dry foods – Can be wiped clean and used again with dry foods.

    Usage – Suitable for hot and cold foods. Reusable. Not microwave and oven safe.

    Sustainability – Made from 100% renewable and biodegradable fallen leaves and water. No trees are harvested or cut down. No chemicals, waxes, dyes or additives are applied. No harmful toxins.

    Raw material – Made from fallen palm leaves of the Areca palm trees. The trees shed their leaves around 7 times a year which are collected for production and packaging. The leaves are firstly cleaned with high-pressure water so that any debris is washed away. After washing the leaves are mechanically pressed into plates and bowls. The press works with steam and heat. The heat ensures that any moisture evaporates and the steam kills any leftover bacteria. After the pressing the pressed plates and bowls are cut from the leaf and left to dry a little longer. After drying the palm leaf tableware gets packaged and shipped to us. Our palm leaf products are very strong and are almost has hard as wood. No chemicals or coatings are added to the tableware, making them all natural.  Because we use a natural raw material, every piece of tableware is different which gives them a very nice look and feel.




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