Cornstarch Fork 150mm (100 Per Pack)

Cornstarch Fork 150mm (100 Per Pack)


R 31.05 for 100 units
R 0.31 each

Pack(s) of 100


    The 150mm Cornstarch Fork offers a sustainable alternative, while still giving the strength and stability of a conventional plastic utensil. Our Plant Starch Utensils are made from 70% renewable resources, replacing 70% of the oil in production, with plant starch. They are excellent for hot foods (heat tolerance up to 120° C), and can be used in the microwave.
    They are sturdy, Cost effective and will breakdown in presence of other bioactive materials in a landfill, making them a practical, cost efficient, sustainable alternative.
    They have a long shelf life compared to CPLA which have a 6 month shelf life. Finally, this product has no effects on the flavours of the food (fewer indeed, we believe, than the non-renewable alternatives available).

    This comes in packs of 100 or 1000

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